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Hankook Tyre UK wins TyreSafe’s Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award for the second consecutive time

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Hankook Tyre UK is once again announced as the winner of TyreSafe’s Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award. The award recognizes Hankook’s significant contribution to raising driver awareness of tire safety-related issues. The tire maker is commended for delivering engaging campaigns to UK drivers, informing and educating them on the importance of tire safety and maintenance.

Daventry, UK, October 30, 2020 – Global leading tire maker Hankook Tire is announced as the winner of road safety charity Tyresafe’s Tyre Manufacturer Award 2020. The award recognizes the continued contribution by Hankook to raise awareness of tire safety over the past twelve months. Hankook was also presented with this award in 2019. Over the past twelve months Hankook UK launched three tire safety campaigns across social channels including Facebook and YouTube. The first incorporated Tyresafe’s ‘Summer Motoring’ campaign to make drivers aware that more tire-related incidents happen on British roads during the summer months1 than at any other time of the year, and to remind them to check their tires before setting off on holiday.

The second campaign was activated in collaboration with a social media influencer, with video content informing drivers on topics such as how to maintain their tires’ condition for optimum performance and control and lower fuel consumption, choosing the right tire for the season, ensuring the correct tire pressure and how to check their tread.

The third campaign informed and educated drivers on the function of tire tread, pattern differences on summer, all-season and winter tires and also why they need to prioritize their tire safety in anticipation of the winter weather and road conditions.

Declaring Hankook Tyre UK as TyreSafe’s 2020 winner of the Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award 2020, TyreSafe Chair and Chair of Awards Judging, Stuart Jackson said, “Hankook’s commitment to raise awareness on tire safety resulted in a well targeted campaign, which highlighted specific messages relevant to their core age group. A good library of resources was created to support it resulting in a program of clear and engaging content. Congratulations Hankook on being TyreSafe’s Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award winner.”

Zoë Baldwin, Marketing Manager of Hankook Tyre UK said: “We are delighted to have won this highly coveted award for the second year running, and are thrilled to be recognized for the effort we put into sharing tire safety messages with millions of drivers. Hankook continues to raise awareness of the importance of tire maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tires to reduce the number of tire-related incidents on Britain’s roads.”

1 Behnom Havaei-Ahary (2019). Road Traffic Estimates: Great Britain 2018. UK Department for Transport.


Source: Hankook Tire Malaysia

Importance of oil

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oil drop

Why is your oil so important?
As the heart of any vehicle, the engine requires the right lubrication and protection to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Mobil™ oil products are designed to provide superior engine protection, keeping your engine running like new even under the most demanding conditions.


On the highway

Cruising: In ideal driving conditions, the oil will be at the ideal temperature so fuel and water will not accumulate.
High speed: Fast acceleration and running at high speed can raise oil temperature and reduce oil viscosity, exposing the engine to greater wear. Oils designed to operate under higher temperatures can keep the engine protected, prolonging engine life and maintaining efficiency.


In the city
Frequent starts and stops: Oil may not sufficiently warm up, and may accumulate water and fuel due to prolonged idling, causing corrosion and sludge.
Heavy traffic: Encountering a traffic jam after driving at high speed for a period of time can cause thermal stress on the engine, making it run hotter.

Cold weather: Oil thickens at low temperatures, reducing pumping efficiency and takes longer to reach critical engine parts to provide lubrication and protection.

Hot weather: High-temperature environments can make it more difficult to keep the engine cool. Engine oils not designed to perform under high temperatures may suffer a reduced ability to protect the engine’s moving parts.

Wet environments: Driving in humid environments can cause moisture accumulation and acid formation in the oil, which then corrodes metal parts and shortens the oil life.

Dust and sand: Dust and sand present a serious problem for engines and may contaminate the oil, greatly increasing the wear on moving parts.


Engine technology
Direct injection diesel engines: Soot particles may remain in the oil and combine into a block, causing accelerated wear of metal parts.
Turbocharger: Using low-quality oil can result in the formation of carbon deposits on the turbocharger, a common cause of turbocharger failure.
Fuel quality: Low-quality components in fuel can contaminate and degrade engine oil, leading to oil pollution and the formation of sludge.
Overused oil: Many vehicle owners extend the oil change maintenance cycle past the manufacturer’s recommendation. Higher quality oil can maintain effective lubrication for a longer period of time, keeping the engine running smoothly.
Harsh Operation
Overloading: Carrying heavy loads puts greater stress on the engine, requiring a higher level of lubricating oil to provide protection.
Racing: Fast acceleration and running at very high speed puts the engine under extreme stress. High-quality oil designed to perform under these conditions is required to keep the engine protected and running smoothly.
Source: Mobil


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